Thursday, 25 October 2012

Styling Ideas: Interview Wardrobe

So my second meeting with Aritzia(one of my all time favourite stores) is this weekend and I need a little inspiration for what to wear. It's suppose to be more casual than the initial interview, so I want to skip the blazer and incorporate some recent trends. Above are my favourite pieces from the new Wilfred and T. Babaton lookbooks. I really love all the maroon and loose silhouettes but at the same time don't want to lose any professionalism in what I wear. One tip for interviews, especially in retail, is to keep brand representation to a minimum. Sure, you may want to show the employer how much you love their clothes, but it's really easy to overkill. As cheesy as this sounds, less is (usually) always more. For example, choose 1-2 key pieces from the brand to put in your outfit, then be creative with the rest. It'll show your originality and reflect who you really are, instead of who you think you need to be.

The key thing is always be confident, even when you're not! (paradox, i know)


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