Friday, 18 January 2013

Artsy High School Finals

(Queue scarcasm) Woo, exam week!

I never thought the end of high school would come so fast. Just two more weeks and I get to go experience the real world (until university that is). Seven months of work and travelling, definitely something to look forward to. But before all that, I still have two long exam weeks and finals.

Acrylic, gel medium & varnish on canvas.

Above are my art finals, the last pieces I'll ever do in high school. Art has been a big part of my last few years, something to balance out the Asian six-pack. Don't get me wrong, I spend hours and hours on my paintings, but it's just so much more enjoyable than calculus and physics. These are a lot different from my usual work. I stepped out of my comfort zone this time and employed a post-modern style with geometric qualities. It's not the best or anything, but I'm satisfied that I pushed myself to take some risks. The series revolves around the theme of competition, which I feel that everyone can relate to at some point.

That's all for now.


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