Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Month Through Instagram

Fave arm combo.
Best friend's design

Ayce sushi with my bff

My girls back from uni.

It has literally become a part of my routine, I always feel the need to post on instagram (just a slight obsession). Basically I document whatever stands out to me that day, an outfit, a dinner or just a group shot with my friends. This is basically my last couple of weeks through pictures. 

First is my absolute favourite jewelry combo, a statement watch with a pyramid chain bracelet. It eliminates the bulk caused by stacking multiple bracelets on each arm. Then in the second, I was wearing one of my favourite sweaters designed by my best friend, Vanessa. It was a really exciting Christmas present for me to receive. The next is of my bff on our dinner+shopping date, clearly we're big fans of ayce sushi. Lastly, I posted a group shot with my friends back from university (missing a few). It was great catching up with them, especially since we're all scattered across the country. 

And now, I'm back to studying for exams. Wishing you guys all the best!



  1. Omg I loveee your pyramid hand chain, it's sooooo nicee