Monday, 8 April 2013

March New Arrivals

Last night spent in New York.

March has definitely been an eventful month. First I celebrated my 18th birthday, headed off to Cuba and then New York for Easter. With all the travelling, I took a bit of time to make some purchases along the way. Especially in New York, I had a hard time exhibiting self-control. But what can I say?...I Joanna Li, am a shopaholic.

Purse - Michael Kors

Truth be told, I have been lusting over the Hamilton for a long time. So for my birthday, I gave in and finally bought it. The luggage tote style with the lock and key is really what sold me. I opted for a lizard embossed leather since most of my other bags are solid colours. But it's still a neutral colour so I can carry it throughout the year.

Viva la Juicy - Sephora
Dress - Banana Republic
Featured in this post.
Pants - Banana Republic
Sweater - J. Crew
Luggage Tag - J. Crew
Headband - PacSun

Shirt - PacSun
Before I left Toronto, I made a pit stop at Sephora and picked up a new bottle of Viva la Juicy because it's one of my favourite scents. Then in New York I also dropped by Banana Republic and J. Crew to shop for my mom, but couldn't help pick up a few items for myself. The maxi featured in my previous post and the printed trousers are perfect for spring. At J. Crew I found a basic anchor sweater and a glittery luggage tag that will be useful for my upcoming trip in July. Then I went to PacSun hoping to get some pieces from the Kendal & Kylie summer collection, but they practically sold out of my size in everything. So I settled for an open back shirt and a wire headband.

Boots - UGG Australia

Purse - Coach 

Laptop Sleeve - Marc Jacobs

When I spotted leopard uggs, I knew I had to get them. They're so unique and make such a statement. I also picked up a present for my cousin and got her a gorgeous coral red leather tote. Then as I was browsing through Saks, I found the laptop sleeve I've been searching for since last summer. I fell in love with it under my friend's influence and when I finally decided to get it, it was sold out everywhere in Toronto. I was actually so excited to have found it in New York, the neon accents and snakeskin print is just beautiful!

Dress - BCBG
Lastly, after weeks of searching and hours in the fitting room, I found my prom dress at BCBG. Just a little fabric swatch preview for now. It's a nude blush chiffon with rose gold embellishments. After getting the dress, I'm actually anticipating prom a lot more.

That's about it for now. Wishing you all the best in April!



  1. Love everything! The open back shirt for Pacsun is cute! I wish I can wear something like that here in the UK, still freezing outside!

    1. Thanks girl! I still have to wait a month or so to wear it. It's still chilly in Toronto as well!

  2. I love that top from PacSun...and I think I have a slight idea of how that BCBG dress looks'll be top at Prom if it's truly what I think.

    Lotsa Love,

  3. Geez, you decked out girl! :)
    I'm in love with the trousers from Banana Republic and the Sweater from J. Crew. Good job, you have great taste!

    Stay stylish.

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  5. Who doesn't love shopping. It's good for the soul :) Great choices Joanna!


  6. Oh shopping a girls best friend...I still maintain its cheaper than therapy right so why not? Want to follow eachother?

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  8. I want a Hamilton too! Love every single one of these purchases... if I showed you picture of all my shopping in London, UK, you'd see I exhibited no self control either...


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